Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay, Singapura. Arsitek: Wilkinson Eyre Architects, London, United Kingdom


Photograph by Craig Sheppard

Hutan Buatan di Tanah Reklamasi.

Proyek ini bisa jadi sebuah proyek utopis jika di Indonesia. Memang kata utopis sudah harus ditinjau ulang sejak pembangunan Kota Dubai, Doha atau Shanghai yang bisa dibilang tidak ada presedennya sebelumnya. Tapi membayangkan ada sebuah bangunan seperti Cooled Conservatories Garden By the Bay yang menjadi rumah bagi ribuan tumbuhan tropis di atas sebuah tanah reklamasi – meski konon pasirnya diambil dari Indonesia – tetap bukan hal mudah. Mengapa? Karena fungsinya adalah taman, bukan mal, bukan kondominium atau hotel. Maka dari proyek ini kita bisa melihat bagaimana sebuah imajinasi (dalam arti positif) harus terkandung di dalam sebuah kebijakan kota, tidak cuma berhenti pada hal-hal praktis, atau ketakutan akan kegagalan.

Proyek ini juga menunjukkan bagaimana reklamasi tidak selalu negatif seperti yang selalu dipikirkan oleh masyarakat Indonesia.

Photograph by Craig Sheppard

Photograph by Craig Sheppard

Cooled Conservatories juga menjadi bangunan berfungsi display di mana orang bisa masuk dan berjalan-jalan di dalamnya. Cukup nyaman, meski bukannya sama sekali tidak panas. Kawasan Marina Baysands sudah pasti panas, tidak ada yang bisa membatahnya. Namun di bangunan ini rupanya teriknya matahari bisa diredam, dan bangunan ini tidak menggunakan AC.

Proyek ini menunjukkan bagaimana pentingnya tanaman dalam arsitektur dan kota. Karena itu jika ingin tahu apa fungsi seorang desainer lansekap, kita bisa melihat jelas bagaimana pentingnya peran Andrew Grant dalam proyek ini. aku takkan mengatakan taman yang ia rancang adalah taman yang cantik, tapi proyek ini jelas merupakan proyek yang luar biasa bagi semua desainer lansekap.

Proyek ini adalah proyek yang sangat besar, bisa dibilang megascale, dari luasannya, dan juga tim desain yang terlibat di dalamnya. Dari sini kita bisa belajar bahwa proyek-proyek yang baik sama sekali tidak ada hubungannya dengan skala proyek. Justru arsitek bisa melayani orang lebih banyak jika masuk ke dalam proyek-proyek besar, baik itu proyek komersil maupun sosial.

Cooled Conservatories


Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Grant AssociatesGrant Associates

Grant AssociatesGrant Associates


Konsep & objektif dari arsitek:

Located in Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is a key project in delivering the Singapore
Government’s vision of transforming Singapore into a ‘City in a Garden’. At a total of 101 hectares, the Gardens by the Bay project comprises three distinct waterfront gardens – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. The commission to design the 54 hectare Bay South garden was won in 2006 by a team led by Grant Associates and including Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Atelier One, Atelier Ten, Land Design and Davis Langdon and Seah.

At the heart of Bay South Garden is the Cooled Conservatory Complex which is the focal point of the Gardens. The two main Conservatories cover an area in excess of 20,000sq m and are among the largest climate-controlled glasshouses in the world. They provide a spectacular, all-weather
attraction and comprise a 1.28 hectare cool dry conservatory (the ‘Flower Dome’) and a 0.73 hectare cool moist conservatory (the ‘Cloud Forest’). Each has its own distinct character, but both explore the horticulture of those environments most likely to be affected by climate change.

The Flower Dome tells the story of plants and people in the Mediterranean climate zone, and how the plants cultivated in these regions will gradually become endangered as temperatures rise. It has a planted footprint of more than 10,100 sq m and aims to bring alive the experience of seasonal change for visitors more used to Singapore’s eternally tropical climate and lush green vegetation. From the lavender fields and olive groves of the Cultivated Worlds section to the baobab and pachypodium trees in the Strange Worlds area, the visitor is presented with a unique
collection of plants. The landform of the conservatories draws inspiration from Mediterranean landscapes and evokes the language of dry, sun-baked hillsides punctuated with rocky terraces and stony outcrops, and the intimate bond between land, geology, vegetation and cultivation. At
the centre of this permanent display is the Flower Field – a vast carpet of flowers in bloom which will change seasonally.

The Cloud Forest highlights the relationship between plants and the planet, showing how the warming of the cool tropical cloud forests will threaten biodiversity. With a smaller footprint but greater height than Flower Dome, it has at its heart a planted ‘Mountain’ from which a 35m high waterfall drops. Visitors can experience the forest at different levels from a Cloud Walk, a Canopy Walk and the Forest Floor and Ravine Walks. Within the mountain, a series of exhibition spaces describe the impact of incremental temperature change and the sustainable technologies employed across the gardens, while at its foot is the Ravine – a series of darkened secret
gardens surrounded in mist.

Both conservatories have a dual system structure of gridshell and arches to permit as much light as possible through to the planted displays within. The gridshell portion is very fragile (like an egg) and is designed to only support its own weight and the weight of the glass. Wind loads are resisted by the arches that are set away from the surface of the envelope and arranged radially in line with the geometry of the gridshell. This structural combination creates a distinctive,
lightweight clear-span structure which, in the shallower slope of the Flower Dome, is thought to be among the largest gridshells in the world.

Bay South Garden is built on reclaimed land, a low lying, flat area on the shore of Marina Bay. In the absence of a natural landscape the conservatories are envisaged as landforms, a pair of artificial landmarks that prominently address the bay and the skyscrapers of dense urban districts
around it.

Wilkinson Eyre Architects
United Kingdom

Architecture & Engineering Support
CPG Corporation
Singapore, Republic of

Branding & Signage
Thomas Matthews
United Kingdom

Client / Developer
National Parks, Singapore
Singapore, Republic of

Cost Consultant
Langdon & Seah Singapore Pte
Singapore, Republic of

Design Management
Buro Four
United Kingdom

Engineering Support
Meinhardt (Infrastructure) Pte
Singapore, Republic of

Environmental Engineer
Atelier Ten
United Kingdom

Film & Animations
Squint Opera
United Kingdom

Interpretation & Educational Public Interface
Land Design Studio
United Kingdom

Irrigation Design
WET (Water Equipment Technology)

Landscape Architect
Grant Associates
United Kingdom

Lighting Consultant
Lighting Planners Associates

Project Manager
Singapore, Republic of

Structural Engineer
Atelier One
United Kingdom


Photograph by Darren Soh

Photograph by Darren Soh

Photograph by Craig Sheppard

Photograph by Craig Sheppard

Photograph by Craig Sheppard

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